Fascinated and amazed..

@averygirl72 (16611)
March 28, 2013 5:34am CST
Are you fascinated when there are foreigners around your place? I've seen American missionaries at school and I'm fascinated by their height and eye color. The girl she looks like Barbie doll. Lately, I've seen a lot of Koreans here in the Philippines and I can't help but stare for too long at them. I wonder if I'm in a foreign land too, I will surely get a lot of attention.
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• Marikina, Philippines
2 Apr 13
Before, I was like that, now, I am not fascinated anymore. Maybe during those time I was fascinated to those foreignors is because maybe I watch too much movie and too much drama from other countries, and I have never seen them in person. Plus, I never experienced to socialize foreignors before but now, when I finally met cuacasians in most of LDS church here in our country, I realized that their only human like us. We're just different colors and culture. Yeah, that was before, but not anymore. I see it as we're all equal.
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
30 Mar 13
Hi Avery nope Infact, I don't like them cause if they are a worker in here, they were paid higher than the origin citizen
• India
29 Mar 13
my neighbour uncle next house runs an association where tourists come mostly as volunteers for different social activities.. So there are no.of foreigners who keep cming here and now even the people over have got quite used to their presence. Many times when i go up my house terrace could see them on the other terrace some time taking my pictures too. Some of them became my frnd too. I found them much more full life as compared to people ovr here.. May b coz they came here to have fun and enjoy... Bt i feel quite normal when out with them..
@dagami (1162)
• Rome, Italy
29 Mar 13
i am a foreigner here and no, i don't get attention because of this. most key cities have now become multiracial and multicultural. travel is faster and more convenient these days so it is normal to see people from different countries in the cities.
28 Mar 13
I sometimes do stare at foreigners because they seem out of place here.If I was them, I would choose a better travel destination.Most of them come here by mistake and never come back.I feel pity for them because it's not a tourist friendly country and they look scared and lonely.Your country is popular because your people are nice, here people are hostile to foreigners.
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
I get fascinated whenever I see good looking people. I don't get fascinated by just seeing foreigners. There are a lot of better looking Filipinos than them. I just kind of feel insecure knowing that they are really tall. But I love the skin of Koreans. Most of them have a nice and fair skin, their pores aren't noticeable.
@SIMPLYD (86438)
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
Just like you i am fascinated when there are a lot of foreigners we see around our place. That goes to say that our place is becoming popular to tourists and i am so proud of that. Well, if i see a foreigner who is really good looking, i can't help but stare but of course would be ashamed when caught doing that.
• Italy
28 Mar 13
eheh well we are always curious when we see something that is inusual or new for us. But this happens when you are in a country where foreigners are a rarity. But if for example you go living in a big city like London, multiculture will become used for you, because there you meet people from every country and culture, and for you that will become normality and you won't feel affascinated anymore. It all depends from where you go, and every person is different. Maybe you are a very curious person :D
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
28 Mar 13
No I am not. I am surrounded by foreigners my whole life. Nothing interesting about them or fascinating. This besides of the fact we only seem to have foreign films/programs on tv as well (which is very annoying to see each time the shouting, vulgarian, stupidity so different from our own people).