have u ever heard earningpals?Have you ever paid from that?

April 6, 2013 12:18am CST
Friends,I have encountered a site like facebook not as good as facebook but still some features are there,I joined it,But the catch is it is paying money in my account.Still i don't know will it ever transfer to my paypal account or not.Have you ever paid from that?If you have any idea please suggest me.Thanks.have a nice weekend ahead
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@TLilly12 (1230)
• United States
11 Apr 13
This is nothing I have heard of before,and I won't be joining it either, I have enough web sites, I am working on right now,so I don't think I will be adding any more earning websites, to my working list right now.
@kixsh101 (743)
• Philippines
7 Apr 13
I haven't heard of that site. This is my first time I think the best thing that you'll do is to have a reasearch on the company. There are a lot of fraud in the internet right now, so its best to be safe. Lets us not tend to be complacent.
@owlwings (39760)
• Cambridge, England
6 Apr 13
I had not heard of this site. It seems to be owned by someone calling themselves 'Dream Merchantz' and it also appears to be for sale (as of 8 February 2013): http://www.websitebroker.com/site-details-999997510.html for $5,500. The owner claims that it has an income of $30 a month and 5000 members with 1000 page views a day. The site doesn't say exactly how much it pays or for what, though it seems that you earn for referring people 'to six levels'. The Terms appear to have been copied/modified from the Terms of MyLot and there are many other similarities to MyLot's way of working in the payment options and wording of the FAQs. This does NOT, of course, mean that EarningPals is in any way associated with MyLot or that it has the same reputation for paying as MyLot! Checking out the contact address shows that it operates (or claims to do so) from an office in Houston, TX and that another company at the same address is 'SocialMediaThrive Consultants': http://socialmediathriveconsultant.com/services/ I strongly suspect that EarningPals is a spin-off or a subsidiary of that company and that, quite likely, information gained from EarningPals is used by the other company. It is a very new site (Founded in June 15, 2012) and the fact that the site is already for sale suggests that it was either created simply to raise cash by the sale of the site and domain or that it is not as profitable a concern as the creators had hoped. I don't see any danger in joining (apart from the possibility that some of your personal information may be used for marketing purposes) but neither do I see much likelihood that it will earn you very much money.
• China
6 Apr 13
I never earned money from sites.Mylot is the first site payinig money to it's members I joined. Maybe you can check your paypal account if it payed your money. Have a nice weekend.
@mjhalz8 (255)
• Philippines
6 Apr 13
I never heard about it. But somehow its like fanbox. But I am not sure for it's legitimacy. And it's complicated because you need to pay first before you can withdraw your earnings, so confusing.