Perspective: I don't see the same task the same way anymore!

April 9, 2013 5:22am CST
Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. I just wanted to share that there was a time when I was requested by a former client to work on photo editing and resizing -- a very menial task, in my perspective. Today, I'm doing almost exactly the same thing -- but I welcome it! There are two sides to a coin, I guess. I welcome this job today because it's relaxing and I don't have to think. :D Another factor may be that the people I'm with are kind and wonderful. How about you? What task are you working on that you don't see the same way anymore?
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• Philippines
10 Apr 13
I agree on doing miniscule tasks - it only adds money even if it's only a bit but it also kinda turns off or lowers my frustration at my 'main' job. Of course, i will have the pain of making the necessary pains to manage my time and make sure every tasks is done in every way. I'm actually loving to write again. i am doing the other side of the coin and now I feel what's like being the one and at their shoes. i don't really relish it but it makes me want to write a better piece than what I am presented or tasked to edit. But then, i love the fact that half of the work is already done by someone but I get a different kind of headache.
• Philippines
11 Apr 13
Actually, the even bigger, crazier fact is that this is my highest-paying job at the moment, with the best compensation package. The tasks are menial and simple, but the compensation package is surprisingly awesome. Maybe that's the reason why I'm pretty much motivated. LOL!
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
9 Apr 13
Well yes u are absolutely right, u never know when life would get u at the same place and that would leave u surprised. u considered this job menial before but now it has become your mainstay and what is more important is that u have accepted this and the people around u are helpful makes it even more comfortable for u. i hope the best for u in the future.