Content free to use

April 12, 2013 9:25am CST
Could anybody tell me what kind of content can i freely put to my website? I mean free books, comics, stories, so that i can add advertisements to site and earn some extra little money from views.
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@owlwings (39606)
• Cambridge, England
12 Apr 13
The ONLY content which you can legitimately put on your website is content that you have written yourself OR copyright content where you have specific and explicit permission from the copyright holder for it to be used on your website. It is safe to assume that ALL content published on the Internet (and elsewhere) is protected by copyright of some kind and that, unless it specifically says that you may use it, you would be breaking the law to do so. That includes things which you may see used on many pages on the Internet. The rule is that, unless there is a specific and clear notice to the contrary, EVERYTHING is copyright and owned by someone and it would be illegal to use it on your site.
• Greece
13 Apr 13
ok, thank You for the response. I don't have writing talent, so maybe i will think about buying content from users.