Are you not living in the modern world ?

April 16, 2013 12:33am CST
I've always wonder how can my Hindu brothers living in this era believe in the old ideas of our forefathers. It's true that they considered some animals, birds, mountains, rivers,sun ,moon etc as God because they were not much educated nor the science was not reached to them. But what makes you believe in the same idea even though you are well educated. Its very clear that you know inside those things are not God still you want to follow that, why ? Maybe because you do not want to change what they have been following, what you have been following since your childhood. Do not make a fool out of yourself, we are living in the era of science and technology. Think about it brothers ? How can an animal or a bird or a river or a mountain or even sun and moon be God ?
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• India
8 Jan 16
actualluy these natural things which are in nature like migty mountains, flowing rivers, birds,winds,fires,rains they were source of immense power .people were also dependent on it for their basics thats why they revered them and worshiped them
• Mumbai, India
7 Apr 16
God is omnipresent, in you, me, trees, sun, moon trees everything, this is what the Hindus believe,
@Sud_mk (6)
• Navi Mumbai, India
20 Dec 16
Anything that is essential for survival especially on the very early days of living where considered and worshipped as god. More specific not god but devtas(representative of god). Anything and everything that science finds today was told in the mantras or form of poetry, epic or story in Hindu culture. They were respected and prayed because water bodies, mountain etc were essential for our living and celestial bodies(moon,sun, other planets) are known to affect or control our living which is deep study in modern science called astrology. The basic idea is that anything that is essential for your living but could not be controlled by you was respected, prayed and appreciated those days.
• India
8 Jan 16
what is ur belief about exhistence of god
• Thailand
16 Apr 13
How can anyone fail to so that there is a god in all things? de omnibus dubitandum
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
16 Apr 13
Hi, In Hindu religion it is believed that whatever things we see in this world has God within them. Every thing in nature is gifted by God to us. God is everywhere but we can't see him. In this modern age also we begin anything by worshiping God. When we buy anything new we worship God first, have some prasad and then start to use anything. we pray God for showing gratitude to him for the happiness in life.