It's Amazing How Music Has Changed In The Last 100 Years.

April 17, 2013 8:01pm CST
For whatever reason an old song, The Sidewalks Of New York, popped into my head. No idea where it came from, but there it was. The song was writen in 1894, but the version I have in my collection of old 78 RPM records is from 1913. I managed to find a video of the exact same record as I have, on Youtube. As well as this, and about 250 other old records, I am also fortunate enough to have a table-top Victrola from 1920. I love it, especially during power failures. I'm never without music. Have you gotten any interesting pieces of music stuck in your head lately? How od you suppose it got there? I'm liable to be humming this one for days. LOL I mentioned something to my husband, and now he's got it stuck in his head. LOL
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• United States
19 Apr 13
I just played this. It's a decent song, but I don't think that it's one I'm likely to get stuck in my head. Recently, I've tended to get songs in Hebrew stuck in my head. I've been listening to a lot of music in Hebrew recently, so that really isn't a surprise.
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• Canada
21 Apr 13
One of my past volunteer experiences was playing the pump organ at a historical site. All the music had to be from before 1914. Since this song was 20 years old in 1914, it was definitely on my play list. I play the piano by ear, and have perfect pitch, so songs I know well, tend to get stuck in my head, simply be existing. LOL I have a whole play list of songs written between around 1888 and 1914 that I used to play when I was on site. I've probably gone through that list on the job, thousands of times. LOL