Was OKC Designed by a Civil Engineer? Who?

@mythociate (15581)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 20, 2013 3:20pm CST
I sure hope not, because--if so--it's an EVIL design (and not evil in a GOOD way--like some cool tattoos--but evil in that it works against the good of humanity ) The closest I've heard to OKC's 'civil engineering' is when city-councilman Ed Shadid explained OKC's "sprawl"---how it was designed (by 'a group of architects?') to necessitate purchase of automobiles ... the shops being miles-&-miles-away-from the residences being miles-&-miles-away-from the offices being miles-&-miles-away-from the schools being etc. Auto-insurance is big-business here, because--as one of the crowd of auto-insurance commercial tells us--'in Oklahoma City, getting from point A to point B means you need an automobile!' NO! Why would anyone design a city that way?
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