What in Taiwan you like most?

April 21, 2013 8:30am CST
I stayed in Taiwan for quite sometimes. I like riding the subway. It is really clean. The toilet in every station is clean. There is also a water station with cold and hot buttons, personnel are courteous. And I tell you, almost all the stations has artistic structure. What do you like about Taiwan?
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• China
22 Apr 13
I love the kind hearted people in Taiwan, they are nice and patient. Their good manner impressed me so much. If possible, I will go back to this island for another times.
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
You are absolutely right. With my broken mandarin, I can still go around the city because I know I can ask help for direction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
22 Apr 13
I haven't yet been Taiwan as yet. If I went there I would like its cities, beaches and subway. I am keen to visit more of the countries in Asia. I have already been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
Taiwan's transportation system is one of the best in the world in terms service, route and synchronization. South of Taiwan, Koashiung in particular is noted for its good urban development. I hope you can go to Taiwan some day. I left Taiwan already last December 0f 2012.
@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
good day fatimaobien, honestly i haven't been to Taiwan though i am aiming to go there since it is a part of the Asian Country.
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
Taiwan is best during spring time; Taipei in particular. There will be a lot of activities because it is closer to chinese new year. Then cherry blossom is in its peak bloom. Plus the weather is not too cold.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
I too found Taiwan quite interesting, aside from the bad air, and busy hi-ways. I was interested in knowing that before you bought a car you had to have a parking space. Some couples had a hoist so they could park both cars in one space, one above the other. We enjoyed our flight, on a Chinese airline, back to America because we were served dinner en-flight, just like it used to be years ago in the USA.