Thrifty Fashion Sense

April 24, 2013 7:47pm CST
I believe that with my fashion sense and style, I am wisely saving a lot of money. No, not that style of buying cheap clothes, BUT buying good quality ones, cheap or expensive, and taking care of them for years. For example, I bought a good pair of jeans which is a bit expensive than those from bargain shops. I love quality brands. It can last for years and still look good. A good pair of jeans (like Levi's which is my favourite brand) can also be used in several ways: From the ragged look to casual or smart casual. I know that fashion can get out of style. That is why I prefer clothes that are classic or never goes out of fashion. I also love mix-matching clothes. So this is the thing: If I buy a bit expensive and good quality items, it can last for several years. While a pair of jeans and other items that are cheaper and not of good quality might only last for few months. How about your fashion style and the way you spend on them? Do you also have the same style? Share your tips to save on clothes as well. Thanks for sharing.
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@peavey (16876)
• United States
25 Apr 13
One thing I do is buy carefully at thrift stores. They often have good name brands that have hardly been worn. Some people spend a lot of money on clothes and donate them with every season or just on a whim because they're "tired of" them. I can't spend much on clothes, so I can either spend a little and get very good quality or spend a little on new but poor quality clothing. Buying good quality just makes sense.
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• Australia
26 Apr 13
Hi peavey. This just reminded me of a shop here in our suburb that I have not visited. It is a shop put up by a charitable organization and all clothes and items donated to them were being sold. My friend told me that she already bought really good branded clothes that were almost brand-new only for few dollars. Thanks for responding.
26 Apr 13
when I choose my clothes I see to it there's no other same clothes, I hate when too many same clothes, same style and color, I prefer one stock style since before my friend wear the same clothes as the maids wear during the party and I don't want to experience that. Also I like keeping clothes even not in trends anymore since fashion run in circles
• Philippines
27 Apr 13
"same clothes as the maids wear during the party" this is funny! I don't want this to happen to me either. Like you, I like buying classic and functional clothes that never go out of style. When I buy clothes, I make sure that it flatters my figure and skin tone, I don't buy them just because they are "in".
@khithi17 (762)
• Philippines
26 Apr 13
I like buying clothes on bargains and sale, they also last as good as some branded items. I just choose the right ones with cheap prices but of high quality. My clothes lasts for a couple years or more because I know how to take care of them. So I don't really mind buying clothes on bargains but I still like to buy branded and expensive clothes from brands that I love.
@neelia27 (896)
• Philippines
25 Apr 13
I love to dress up.. before I used to buy expensives clothes some lasts and some are not but when I found out about thrift shops selling quality and branded clothes since then I became a fan of them.. I have bought lots of clothes from thrift shops mostly branded and for cheaper price and some are barely worn.. its a good way to save money..
@RAJASB (109)
• India
25 Apr 13
It's more than the brands that you wear, the way you carry yourself matters the most. It's always better to go for a branded stuff which perfectly fits and lasts long too. Going for cheaper stuff might save money but, it doesn't give the perfect look and it makes difference. It all depends on the circle you move on with and your taste. If you think clothes are just to cover up....then the term brand never arises.
• Atlantic City, New Jersey
25 Apr 13
I flat out refuse to purchase retail. I shop clearance everywhere I go. You would be surprised at the things you can find very cheap on clearance and quality stores. I also am a self-proclaimed thrift shop queen. I take my time and like Peavey said..there are some very good quality items that have been donated just because someone is tired of them...and now I can get it for as little as $2 slightly worn as opposed to the 60+ dollars it may have cost retail.