Barretto Sisters war

@tipay26 (686)
April 25, 2013 9:44am CST
This is showbiz news and I can't keep myself from laughing at some of our showbiz stars.Yes you're reading it right the Barretto Family is at the lime light now a days.It started with a simple comment I think on a instagram picture of Julia Barretto who happens to be Gretchen and Claudine's niece.The comment went out of hand and many people made it a big deal when in fact it shouldn't be.Now sisters Gretchen and Claudine has a word war and they are doing it on social media that's why they are the talk of the town now.Meanwhile, their mom answered and bashed Gretchen about what she wrote and commented online.And for the latest update their brother participated too saying they should tackle things privately.Oh my what a bruohahaha why do they publicize this things?These should be brought privately posting comments online by Gretchen is a big no no ..