Why, I need a health Insurance ?

April 26, 2013 2:36am CST
Dear all, I would like to make your attention toward a issue "why I need a health insurance". As per the current hectic & fast life, we are ignoring our health recklessly.Due to this many health problems are effecting us. Diseases like cataract, blood pressure , heart attach, diabetes which were known as old age diseases, are know also effecting to younger person with a serious note.Things gets worst most when we take medicines from chemist shops without consulting a doctor for avoiding the huge fees of doctor.The hectic life, lack of knowledge, lazy life style, avoiding doctors all leads to person to a bad health & frequent hospitalization.I haven't to tell anybody, how costly are hospitals & how fast your hard earning can get vanish in no time.There came difference between person having a health insurance & person having not one.Person with insurance cover can concentrate on more serious like taking medicine in time & how to recover fast by leaving all its hospital bills tension to its insurance company. But a person without any insurance cover have to clear all bills from its pocket, which you understand can effect on recovery & financial condition/security of family. There are many type of health cover are available like individual/family/critical illness etc & annual/monthly premium are quiet affordable. So don't ask yourself next time "why I need health Insurance". Have one & secure you & your family Thanks---Mahatav
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• India
28 Apr 13
Thanks for this discussion Health insurance is a must at least after age of 40 I am 67 now, i have it.
@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
26 Apr 13
You need health insurance if your money or savings for medical fund is too low. You see, when you don't have health insurance (or any other insurance there is) and something happens, you will tend to either borrow or use up all your savings for it. However, if you have health insurance, the company pays the health bill while you just pay a fraction of the cost. The problem here is that sometimes we are too healthy when we have health insurance but the time when our health insurance is not renewed, that's the time we do get sick! That's the sad irony in life and that's the main reason why these companies are very big ~ they know how to calculate risks. But still, are you willing to face the risk of not having health insurance not knowing when the next problem on health would happen? Remember, most people go into a lot of debt and is forced to give up their savings because of health bills. So I think it's very important to have health insurance altogether. Have a great mylot experience ahead!