took the aircon boat accommodation....

@Cutie18f (9564)
April 26, 2013 7:01pm CST
As I was saying, my latest trip to the next island is a little better because this time I bought ticket for tourists' accommodation which is fully air-conditioned, with better beds, with TV, and better rest room. The sea was flat and the boat didn't feel like it was moving at all. The 6-7 hour boat ride happened without the slightest discomfort but of course, the price was two times the price of economy accommodation. I was left with little money to go around, after taxi fare and food, but anyway, in going back home again, I had to take the long road trip, that 6 hours, with only 30 minutes ferry boat ride back to my island. The road trip was tiresome since you get to sit for 6 long hours. The 30-minute ferry boat ride upped my paranoia because the sea was a bit turbulent back home and you know that small boats are especially sensitive to waves. so the most uncomfortable part of the trip was the 30-minute ferry boat ride. All in all, I am glad I'm back home safely, thank God.
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@Raine38 (9030)
• United States
27 Apr 13
You are so brave. I am such a wimp when it comes to small boat rides. I also get paranoid, and being a poor swimmer isn't helping me any. When I was in the Philippines, our province from Manila is only a matter of a 2-hour car drive. Which I guess is something that I can really be happy about because I love visiting with grandma and my aunts.
@Cutie18f (9564)
• Philippines
27 Apr 13
Raine, I am not really that brave! I must be turning white the whole time each time I travel by any boat or plane.
@maximax8 (27048)
28 Apr 13
I am glad that you are back home safely. I enjoyed reading about your journey on the boat. It was wonderful that the six to seven hour boat trip happened to be really comfortable. The price for the air conditioned area with better beds, better rest room and television seemed really expensive. Your tiresome trip by road followed by a 30 minute ferry trip in rough waves sounded less enjoyable. I will never forget my day trip to Dublin. The sea cat went very slowly due to massive waves. All further sailings were canceled after that. I had to spend the night there and got given a 10 pound voucher to say sorry. I tend to suffer from travel sickness on rough ferry rides. I went on a very bouncy water taxi ride. I came flying off the seat due to a high wave. That was painful. We had missed the small ferry due to it taking such a long time to get my dog off the other big ferry. Luckily they took us for the same fare as the small ferry. On our last day in Argentina we took a day trip by ferry to Uruguay. The ferry tickets for the three of us cost 203 pounds. How expensive.
@wolfie34 (26877)
• United Kingdom
27 Apr 13
Glad to hear you are back safe and sound, hopefully you won't have to keep repeating that trip, sounds like a living hell to be honest, either way, the thought of being stuck on a boat for 6-7 hours is my ideal of prison, well to me it's a floating prison. That sounded exhausting, hope you have time to relax after that ordeal.