How do i close this MyLot account?

May 4, 2013 1:58am CST to cancel this account ..?anyone knows?help... MyLot has become re-imagined in 2013... hate it..preferred the original ...guess it will disappear in 2014. can even post according to Movies' tvs etc or other topics..mylot suck now!
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@owlwings (40026)
• Cambridge, England
4 May 13
At the moment there is no 'Cancel your account' link. GoAskAlice has said that you should send a message to:
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• Redlands, California
4 May 13
Just walk away,That is if I remembering right They use to have a delete account button, now who knows? It is what I hate about society you never know when something is going to be used against you. For what speaking what is in your heart. Maybe if more people did that we would not treat people the way we do. People just do not get life period.
@artemeis (4069)
• China
4 May 13
@crossbones27 I wouldn't recommend it without removing your entire profile in whatever you are walking away from. Because, there are sensitive information inside which you would not want it to be in the wrong hands starting with your email address.
• Malaysia
4 May 13
@artemeis yes true.. i always walked away..since i see this twitter like layout..but then i came back to find away to clear my account toally and official from this site..i loved myLot...but this layout is the worst..