President Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke & Bart Chilton Need to SUE Arthur Trotter Jr. for Libel!

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 10, 2013 5:25pm CST
Why? Because--though it IS reported ("skip ad" on the AdFly-link below) on Ripoff Report--Arthur Trotter Jr. CLAIMS that Obama, Bernanke & Chilton are "three key figures who will hand you millions during the next four years." Not only is that a claim that 'trillions of dollars of money that USED TO BE good for "something"' is now being exchanged for "nothing,"' but it's a claim that those millions of dollars will come FROM Obama, Bernanke & Chilton. So--unless Obama, Bernanke & Chilton GIVE trillions of dollars (and I'm talking about 'out of money they have earned at a fair-wage,' not 'money by appropriation-letter to the bank')--I think they need to sue Arthur Trotter Jr. for saying that they plan to! Sound right?
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