Why Did Kenneth Copeland Ministries Remember "Shavuot" but Not "National End of School Day"?

@mythociate (15221)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 14, 2013 8:16pm CST
Kenneth Copeland Ministries (one of the pioneer Prosperity Gospel ministries) sends out a calendar to all its 'Partners' (I send about $10 in every two years, and that makes me a 'Partner' ). In this calender, holidays are listed. Today (beginning at sundown) is "Shavuot" (whatever that is) listed. But May 23 (SONIC Drive-In ... "skip ad" on the AdFly-link http://adf.ly/BSVvl ... tells me in an ad for 50-cent corn-dogs all day) is National End of School Day. Do I see THAT holiday on the KCM-calendar? No! Proof that grown-ups don't celebrate their children enough! Why else would KCM celebrate Shavuot but not -National End of School Day?
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