Webs.com as a free host

Greenwood, Mississippi
May 15, 2013 10:25pm CST
I'm in the process of finding a new home on the Web for two old sites of mine that have been offline for some time. One free host I've been looking at is Webs.com since I'm aware it's reasonably referral link-friendly. Having signed up for it, I've honestly been impressed with the service so far. For one thing, I've been surprised that they didn't add ads to my site beyond a text link back to webs.com itself. I can well remember hosting sites on GeoCities, Fortunecity, etc "back in the day" and seeing them deluged with ads of all sorts. Webs.com explicitly reserves the right to add ads to free members' sites so this certainly may change in the future. Another thing that surprised me is that they DO allow users to join ad networks and run their own ads on their sites except for AdSense (and, if you go premium, you do have the option of adding AdSense as well). The biggest downside I've found so far is that they don't seem to allow you to handcraft your own sites...you can only customize the themes they provide. (I think I read somewhere that this was a relatively recent change which is too bad.) Do you use Webs.com? What has your experience there been like? Is there any free host you like better?
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