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May 21, 2013 7:26am CST
I have always been intrigued by the outcome of a full on fight between the man of steel him self and the green monster. I have done some research in to both of the fictional characters statistics, in order to gain a more in-depth and reliable understanding of both their capabilities. Based on the knowledge I now have; I come to the conclusion that Superman would without out doubt completely humiliate the big, brutal beast. Well, Superman sort of has a reputation for being the most powerful being on the planet earth. Not only that, he’s smart–not smarter than Dr. Bruce Banner, but definitely smarter than the Hulk. If Superman is going to win this battle, he’s going to have to effectively incorporate his brains rather than solely rely on his power in order to overcome brawn, which shouldn’t be too hard, considering the Hulk’s intelligence level is on par with the average 5-year old. Together Supermans, intellectual superiority, superhuman strength (which allows him to shift entire panets, making him arguably the strongest superhero in the DC Universe), invulnerability, superhuman speed (allowing him to travel up to 8 times faster than the speed of light), flight, heat vision, x-ray vison, eidetic memory, superhuman breath, vision, olfaction and healing factor. Would all cause the hulk to have a seriously bad day. In my opinion the overall end result would leave the hulks face in a horrific mess on the ground. Would love to here if anyone has another conclusion to this fight, or even agrees with mine. Thanks, Alex x
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@mythociate (16138)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22 May 13
When I first looked at the subject, I thought, 'Throw `em both into the sun. Whoever comes back out is the winner.' Sound about right?
29 Mar 16
I think superman would win do the his powers that are sort of similar to Hulk's and then some
• United States
21 May 13
I, unlike you, do not have as much knowledge about these characters and their abilities, but i will say that would be one heck of a fight to see, and i wonder how it would be portrayed on the big screen!