Why Don't Government-Executives CARE about Veterans' Lives?

@mythociate (15735)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 21, 2013 9:27pm CST
On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon told us about the massive back-log of Veteran Affairs---piles-upon-piles of paper-files still not 'digitized' into the VA's computers. And that's fine, as I'd really rather have my 'Affairs' in hard-copy (rather than in some virtual 'string of light' in some machine) if I were a Veteran (a soldier who had forsaken his life for the safety of his fellow citizens, and who had luckily returned to the land he had helped keep safe) ... But Jon compared the VA's facts-of-lack with President Barack Obama's massive amount of cooperation & data-processing thrown together lickety-split FOR HIS POLITICAL CAMPAIGN---tens-of-millions of doors knocked-upon to spread the word, huge databases full of voters' habits & practices recorded. And all so campaign-people could get to voters & convince them to vote for Obama. Information-processing time WASTED on that, when it COULD HAVE BEEN used to provide our ailing veterans with some well-deserved comfort. Why?!
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