Hi Has any one here ever use ebook.com to see you ebooks?

Kingston, New York
May 22, 2013 10:42am CST
Hi I was looking for site that are like my lot and still pay .and I found this site ebook.com if any ever use them here.you know if they good or bad let me know thanks
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@owlwings (39611)
• Cambridge, England
22 May 13
Ebooks.com looks like a reasonable site for those who want ebooks on an Android device and who live in the UK. It seems, however, that they can't supply books to the US/Canada at the moment. The books they supply are also not compatible with Kindle devices. All of that limits them rather and my impression is that their prices are somewhat higher than Amazon's. In any case, it is not a site which is anything like a paid-to-post site. If you want something like that, then you will find that many MyLotters have chosen Bubblews or Morachat as alternative paying sites. Morachat is a traditional forum-style site which pays for posting. Bubblews is slightly different in that it doesn't pay for what you write but for how many views, likes and comments your 'articles' receive.
• Kingston, New York
23 May 13
hi thank that nice to know