What about my money

May 22, 2013 9:10pm CST
I had not put my pay pal because I thought i would do it when I have 50$ but I did have more than 10$, so how do i get them?
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• United States
23 May 13
if your only issue is that you had not set up your paypal info, you should visit and send them a message with your details/complaints.
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@mike05 (156)
23 May 13
mylot has stopped it's earnings program. if you were active in april and had over $5(i think) you should have been paid. If you weren't active in april or had under that amount you won't be paid.
@mike05 (156)
23 May 13
they'd obviously need your payment details to pay you. ask GAA for clarification.
@owlwings (39882)
• Cambridge, England
24 May 13
MyLot stopped the earnings program on May 1st. At the time they said that they would pay everyone from an eligible country who had: 1) At least $5 in their account (later reduced to $4.50) 2) Had been active during April I looked at your profile and it appears that you previously last logged in in February. It is unlikely, therefore, that you qualified for payment. However, you should send a message to @mylot_payments asking them whether you can be paid. The menu system of MyLot is very different from the old one, though all the old discussions are still available. You may find it useful to read the brief Guide I have written here:
A Quick Users Guide to MyLot. How and why you should use MyLot.