About Abigail, Lottie's Daughter ... Revealing My Own Hypocrisy

@mythociate (15761)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 24, 2013 8:16am CST
I feel like almost as much a hypocrite as I'm usually thinking everyone else is, but I can't be the solution to Abigail's problems ... either that, or I don't really want to be (for "good" reasons) Abigail is a grandmother (& therefore 'outside of my "good"-range'). She has 'anger issues,' coupled with her life-long speech-impediment (inherited--it seems--from her mother) and other health-problems. That mess-of-problems caused her children to be taken away from her, and the children are grown-up and have their own children now. At my friends' recent in-home Bible-study (where we both were), Abigail 'expressed her frustration at the apparent hypocrisy of what Christians call "love"' in such a way as to be barred from future Bible-studies there. And Abigail called me late last night. Too tired to get to the phone, I let her leave a message: she just told me 'who she was' (Abigail, Lottie's daughter whom I knew from Gospel Celebration Fellowship & -from the friends' Bible-study), blessed me & told me to call her A.S.A.P. (which I might do this afternoon ... I mean, everybody's gotta sleep, yeah?) I don't know what Abigail wants to talk about, but I'm guessing it's gonna be something about 'that her problems could be solved if she had a responsible husband.' That makes me slightly defensive, because--though I understand her problems & don't hate her like everyone else seems to--I'm not "responsible" enough to serve. I may seem responsible, but that's just because I'm-responsible with 'what I've got' & -'respectful without responsibility' of things I "don't got" e.g. cars, houses, prison-experience, children, girlfriends/wives, college-degrees, etc. ("what I do got" being my voice, my mind, my tongue, and stewardship of a lot of other things which I can call mine but -which can be taken away-and/or-destroyed for any reason or -for no reason at all). If Abigail asked me to marry her, the short answer would be "No." But I might distract her with the longer answer that could make her 'worthy of' the kind of husband she needs---my first instinct is speech-therapy (because it 'did wonders for me-personally' & because her speech-impediment is the most obviously-wrong thing about her ... BTW it's how The Big Bang Theory's and "Priceline" commercials'-Kaley Cuoco met her fiance (sp?)) ... But there could be a better way for Abigail to 'start small & glory in the small accomplishments'; what should I do to help Abigail?
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