Do you believe in zodiac signs?

May 29, 2013 12:35pm CST
My zodiac sign is scorpio,,I am honest, fair and loyal. I have great sense of humor, people believe that scorpios are strong mysterious people and top that list, I don't know how much the zodiac could have a concern on this matter,Always thinking that someone is taking away from me something i care! I'm not able to live quietly anything, I'm a nice guy until you cross me, I am nice and very serious. I can also be mean and cruel at times. my bad sides are : Sensitive, jealousy, emotional, lazy, suspicious, obsessive, possessive, quiet, cruel, vengeful, manipulative. and Good side are: Honest, caring, loyal what do you think?
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@sunita64 (6474)
• India
4 Jun 13
I believe in zodiac sign but as I am a cusp so contain the qualities of pisces and aries. usually I have observed that signs do display their characters.
• India
31 May 13
tell me about Capricorns...
• United States
30 May 13
personally, i think it is fun to read about zodiac signs and horoscopes and the such....but they are written so generally that anyone can find a way those attributes apply to them. Heck, in fact, every aspect you listed as being a scorpio i can find a way to work for me as well, and i am a cancer LOL