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Athens, Tennessee
June 3, 2013 4:02am CST
Okay.. I need opinions please. This guy was my first love and we've grown up alot since then. We stopped talking then he dated someone. then while he was dating that girl was the first time we hooked up for real. then hated each other for a while cause they broke up. Then we got over that. He has dated plenty of girls since then. And somehow no matter whether he is in a relationship or not we always end up hooking up.. We never text normally though like we did when we first talked.. Am I just being completely used? Or is there some underlying reason? Like I don't know if there is a reason we keep coming back to each other or if its just cause I'm being dumb and getting used.. But then part of me wants to believe that maybe he actually does care for me but he's trying to avoid it or I don't know..... Like with every girlfriend he has had he still cheats on them with me. Which makes me wonder.. But at the same time I don't know if he would ever date me, I just don't know.. Someone please give me your opinion. And you can be harsh if needed cause I need someone to tell me straight up.. Thanks Alot!
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• United States
4 Jun 13
Have you ever tried asking him why he calls you up for booty calls even when he is dating other gals?.......with some guys, as owlings said, they are not ready to settle down and need to have something else on the side to keep things from seeming too serious and monogamous.,.....and you seem like maybe you are HOPING he keeps coming back to you/calling you up to meet up cause he wants to be with you........i am sorry, and don't take me as being harsh....if he wanted to be with you and only you....you would know it...and you would be together...you are a nice girl, willing to hook up with him on the side....giving him the chance to have his cake and eat it too.... either sit him down, talk to him and find out what his feelings are for you...or stop answering his texts and calls to meet up when he asks......sorry....as i said...not trying to be mean....just trying to be real..
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@owlwings (40038)
• Cambridge, England
3 Jun 13
If he 'cheats' on his other girlfriends with you then either he thinks of you as just a good friend or he is not ready to settle down. You don't say how many guys you have dated in the mean time. If you haven't, then that may mean that YOU need to go out, make some friends and get some experience of relationships. Either way, you had better stop thinking of him as a 'partner' and think of him as a friend.
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• Portland, Oregon
11 Jun 13
It all comes down to hormones, "why buy the cow if you get the milk free?"