New Beginning...

@jhoanee (598)
July 13, 2013 3:13am CST
Been away from mylot for quite some time now and honestly i was in learning process to use the new format. ive been busy taking care of my kids and life as well. just curious how is it going here? is it true that mylot doesnt pay its members anymore by posting anything you think or wanted a topic to share? guess thats life but at least im thankful to mylot i learned new ideas and info before and yes i got payed here before. hope this time i can learn new things and met new friends too..had a good day everyong here!!!!!
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• Little Rock, Arkansas
31 Jul 13
do u know how to add people as a friend
• Philippines
15 Jul 13
Payments have already stopped. I'm still surprised though seeing a lot of users still post on the site. They had a great idea of using money to gather in users. Even if I'm not paid anymore, I'm still here so it worked for me. Although, I'm not as frequent as I was since I don't have to chase any cut-offs.
@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
14 Jul 13
You could always share ideas and learn new things here. Earning has since stopped on mylot, yet discussions are always welcome. You get a platform to resolve your issues/problems and share your experiences, which no other site could give. Welcome back. Hope to see you more here.
• Romania
13 Jul 13
I'm annoyed that those old profiles that you could customize are gone , I liked those... Also Topic-related discussions were pretty cool... They're probably gone because a big chunk of the site's members left after the earning program stopped...
@owlwings (40054)
• Cambridge, England
13 Jul 13
MyLot ended its earnings program on May 1st, when the new website went live. You may find it useful to read my guide on How to Use MyLot:
A Quick Users Guide to MyLot. How and why you should use MyLot.