Whoever Gossips To You Will Gossip Of You

Moradabad, India
July 19, 2013 9:31am CST
Gossip is a vice enjoyed vivaciously. Backbiting is done only to gain something. Gossip is a flattery which done by those who are not talented and want to gain everything.Gossip is a work of empty brain and talking tongue are very apt to go together,the most silly and trivial items of news or scandal fill the former,and are retailed by the latter.Empty mind is devil's workshop.Many famililies have been ruined by the gossipy persons.It is a surprise that even the wise persons are affected by the gossipy persons.If You want to change the habit of these persons they do not reform themselves and they are easily befooled by the gossipy persons.Generally people backbitethose persons who do not have a strong back.When it is impossible to change others,change yourself.
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@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
22 Jul 13
Quess I am lucky since I have no people around me who are gossiping about others (they also know I am interested in it). But this doesn't mean people are not gossiping about me. I learned that a single mom is always a hot subject for gossiping esp. if she is not the one interfering with others. People only see what they like to see, that is my experience. BTW I am an open person also to strangers, I don't see anything as my personal secret, so nothing to hide (which can be shocking to people as well).
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• United States
19 Jul 13
Very true. I have found that one should not say anything about another unless they can tell that to the person they are talking about because the bearer of the news will run right back to the person who might have talked about and tell them what you have said.
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