Making Money Online With Paid To Click (PTC) Websites

September 6, 2013 6:27pm CST
Joining PTC websites is an easy way to make money online, although it is slow to start with, and you need both a good long-term plan and the self-discipline to see it through. Some people end up cashing out thousands, but it takes time! The PTC industry is full of scammers but there are some reliable websites. The three main ones that I'm using at the moment are: (In business since 2007, they're probably the most trusted PTC site on the internet.) (Similar to Neobux, though they haven't been in business as long. The earning rate is good by PTC standards.) Both of the above websites offer the chance to rent referrals so you can re-invest your profits and increase your earnings exponentially. (A good earner, but they don't offer rented referrals. I plan to use my earnings from Clixsense to rent referrals on Neobux instead.) All three of these sites have a good reputation and they have forums where you can find advice on maximising your earnings.
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