How Can I Be Sure My #Mother Wants What's Best for Me? #BestForMe

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 16, 2013 1:37pm CST
I'm not sure. I mean, she did 'force my father' (or 'agree with my father's decision') to keep me alive on the machines during my coma 18-or-19 years ago; but ... if YOU wanted what's best for someone who was rendered unemployable by the stupidity of 'a driver' (someone whom the state had entrusted with the responsibility to 'NOT be stupid' while operating their vehicle in public), wouldn't YOU fight to see that the victim were given the full value of the employ-ability that was stolen? Well, my mother did not do that! I don't care what kind of sacrifices she made to keep me alive, nor what kind of heavy burdens are laid on her by the Putnam City schools she teaches-at & -by my sister & brother-in-law & THEIR two children who all 4 live in my mother's house & -by my brother who ALSO lived in that house until a few years ago & -by ME scraping a humble existence together off of the PITIFUL settlement my parents won before they gave up on 'each other' (a package that apparently included ME), nor what kind of mental problems all the stress has given her (for which she regularly sees professional therapists). I've heard that the amount of money spent on a prisoner (in the United States prison-system) is something like $30,000 a year---that's more than DOUBLE what I'm given by the 'settlement' my parents made (which I only agreed-to because I was told it was only the BEGINNING of the various awards my parents' legal-people were pursuing). Unfortunately, I probably would be sent to an asylum rather than a prison---which SOUNDS better, but not for my mother (or whoever) who would have to pay privately rather than the taxpayers nationwide Wouldn't it be better to give that money to ME? Whom do I ask to make that happen?
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