Am I?

Batangas, Philippines
September 27, 2013 12:37pm CST
Am I supposed to write very long or just a simple composition here? Or a bunch of sentences like these is fine?
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@owlwings (39050)
• Cambridge, England
27 Sep 13
MyLot is a discussion and question and answer site. You can start a discussion on almost any topic or just ask a question which you need to know people's answers to. Please read and follow the Community Guidelines, however. They are really very simple and logical!
This is where you will find out what kinds of behavior are accepted and unaccepted on myLot. When in doubt, remember the Golden Rule!
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• Batangas, Philippines
2 Oct 13
Oh, I did not know that there's a guideline. Thank you Sir.
• United States
28 Sep 13
There is no set length for a post/discussion, but if you want people to actually read and respond, it should certainly have some content of a coherent nature that will entice people to read it. asking questions/requesting opinions is also a good way to get a discussion going.
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