In which way do most western peolple choose their religions(religious sects)?

@dennislv (134)
Shanghai, China
September 28, 2013 9:48pm CST
Since there are so many denominations of great variety and diversity available for people to choose. Is it common to convert ons's religious belief? Does your religious sect have a set of strict doctrines and practices for you to follow?
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@mythociate (15946)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
29 Sep 13
Tradition (and early-childhood) have a heavy influence, but I think that 'the contemporary majority' of a place decides 'what a person will TRY to follow' (after fully 'waking up' each day). For instance, I was raised Roman Catholic, and I carry many of the Roman Catholic core beliefs; but I live closest to an Evangelical Covenant Church, and I have friends at an almost-as-nearby Nazarene Church & at a now-distant Non-Denominational/Sabbatarian/Prison-Ministry church (because I used to live closer to THAT church). I think of that one guy in the Brendan Fraser movie THE MUMMY, who--when he was surrounded by Egyptian zombies chanting "Im-ho-tep ... Im-ho-tep ..."--started chanting "Im-ho-tep ..." right along with them---such is 'American instinct,' I guess ... when EVERYBODY is 'chanting the same thing,' chant right along with them (even if it's AGAINST your own personal beliefs)
@dennislv (134)
• Shanghai, China
29 Sep 13
Yeah. I was raised as a atheist. But after I married, I take up Buddism originally simply because my wife is a Buddist. And now I am a quite pious Buddist,too.
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