How Many #Assassination-Attempts Has #PresidentBarackObama Been Through?

@mythociate (15744)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 3, 2013 2:35pm CST
Because--if the government's shut-down--the Secret Service is on furlough, no? Shouldn't the President (& the Senators, Representatives, Justices etc. for that matter) be AFRAID to disrupt government-protection's operation? Isn't that what the American Revolution basically boiled-down to---that We-the-People were more-committed to what we gained personally than the King of England was to 'just another colony'? Or--with the government-shutdown--do we Americans all revert to natives-if-we're-not-British? Does Britain have a chance to come back and claim this land for the Queen?
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• United States
12 Oct 13
Whomever owns the most of us will get us. Doesn't that mean China wins?
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@mythociate (15744)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12 Oct 13
I didn't ask for the loans, so I don't try to keep track of them.