I Forget; How Does Will-Power Outdo Fear? #GreenLantern #WillPower #Fear #overcome #outdo

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 9, 2013 4:25pm CST
SPOILER ALERT! I saw the movie -Green Lantern- last night SPOILER ALERT! (about the several-thousand green lanterns--servants of the immortal Guardians--who protect their respective sections of the universe by using the collective will-power of the universe to manifest green shields & -tools, and the rogue Guardian who believed that fear was just as strong a power and who--using it--became Parallax the bad guy.) I can see how it works in real life---because will-power is committed to the finish, while fear is usually for 'getting away from something.' ... ooh, I remember! Earth's Green Lantern let Parallax chase him too close to the sun, burning Parallax while another green lantern saved Green Lantern from falling in. So the moral of the story: will-power makes friends (who will save you from fear); fear (naturally) makes NO friends & perishes alone. Agree?
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