Love X Desperation

October 14, 2013 12:14am CST
I'm desperate to have a girlfriend, but I'm being told about what having a girlfriend is all about. Some believe that it requires extreme readiness, complete purity, authentic love, and eternal loyalty. It’s not just finding a perfect girl with perfect looks one person wants, but it’s said that having girlfriend often does not go as planned, but go as fate decides. Some “planned” relationships don’t go well, they said, because they believe that relationships are built by serendipity. I don’t believe that it’s always like that. If you love someone, you have to fight for it, as a certain movie said. Love is inevitable if one believes that it’s true love he’s/she’s really feeling, whether it’s a work of God’s love story or just a pass of the time, just like in movies: a simple crush on a girl/guy can make a love indestructible by any odds. The point is, a person must not be very desperate to find love. Love is the one who finds us so we don’t exert too much effort to find it. Let love move and find us. We can wait. As said, true love waits.
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@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
14 Oct 13
Lots of Christian marriage-experts say that you should make your spouse your SECOND love (still above yourself, but below God). & serving God is about-equal to serving the global-community (as centered in your local community). i.e. Be a shining example of 'how every man in your community OUGHT to be,' & you'll get a girlfriend/wife when it is time for you to have one.
• Moradabad, India
14 Oct 13
Whom we love really we do not say. I know love is blind,if not blind,it is not love. Thanks