Will Delaying this Nomination Really-Improve the Justice-System for U.S. Navy-Women? @causes

@mythociate (15763)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 23, 2013 12:01pm CST
I got this email from 'Facebook Causes': "Trending Petition - Women's Interests --- Halt the Nomination of U.S. Navy Undersecretary Dr. Jo Ann Rooney --- Started by Protect Our Defenders "Protect our Defenders is calling on Senate leaders to place a hold on the nomination of the United States Navy Undersecretary nominee, Dr. Jo Ann Rooney. "Recently, United States Navy Undersecretary nominee, Dr. Jo Ann Rooney in written testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, stated that if proposed changes to remove prosecution decisions for sexual assault from the often biased chain of command were made, the result would be "decisions based on evidence rather than the interest in preserving good order and discipline." It is astounding to hear our military leaders proclaim that service members are not deserving of a system of justice based on the evidence in their case. "Dr. Jo Ann Rooney does not reflect the type of leadership needed for our top military positions. "Protect Our Defenders is calling on Senate leaders to place a hold on her nomination for these outrageous comments that fuel a completely broken system of military justice. "Join with us! "Sincerely, "Protect our Defenders "P.S. Join us in tweeting to our Senators to stop this nomination. Tweet @SenateDems & @Senate_GOPs: place hold on nomination of Dr. Jo Ann Rooney #MilitarySexualAssault @ProtectRDfnders via @causes. --- Causes, 548 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107 United States" The way I understand it, "Protect Our Defenders" wants to cancel the nomination of an 'undersecretary' who would support 'denying citizens' justice to military women.' I understand how it's "unfair to the individuals," but the 'undersecretary' isn't there for 'fairness to the individuals' (I don't think ... what does the 'undersecretary' do?) What every military-official is to support is THE WHOLE MILITARY. MILITARY, NOT CITIZENRY. THE WHOLE MACHINE has to serve smoothly, even if you've got to 'duct-tape' a few of the parts in place for now. (Oh, I agree that it's a sad-sad situation that commanding officers feel somehow self-righteous in molesting their soldiers; but I didn't promote the dogs to commanding-officer status.) Tell me how "clicking the link and signing 'the pledge' (after the ad)" will help the MILITARY run more-smoothly!
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