Why Do Miracles Become Less "Miraculous" the More-&-More They Happen? #blessing #miracle

@mythociate (15763)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 24, 2013 9:15am CST
I was thinking of how unlucky I am I mean, of course I KNOW I'm luckier in ways I'll never think of (and in one-or-two that I CAN'T STOP thinking about); but I'm NOT lucky in a lot of 'worldly' ways, and--for all their howling-&-moaning about 'how worldly-things hold no esteem for them'--all the pastors I know approve of marriages founded upon worldliness! I have a problem with that, because ... getting off-point ... My point is that 'the fact that I'm still alive' is a miracle (not that 'all people's lives' aren't miraculous, but I am alive 'in defiance of medical-science' ). But I'm not 'lifted on high overlooking a huge congregation' every morning (or even every Sabbath or -Sunday ... matter-of-fact, the closest I ever got to THAT (not counting the few times I went up to the altar/microphone to speak or read) is 'when I was shown lying in a stretcher on my way to the ER'). Why don't I even have a 'congregation of one' lifting me up like a miracle-sunrise every morning? I think it's because--as Jesus said (look it up after the ad at the link)--"The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." And--as much as we have faith in the Spirit to guide us to do all the holy things we can do--we KNOW the Spirit 'is not going to make the flesh any stronger' ... and that 'the flesh will only be made stronger for worldly rewards?' Is that the way it is?
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