If The Past Days Were Doves, I Would Cage Them

Moradabad, India
October 26, 2013 9:08am CST
Past can not be changed and can not be brought back but the days of playful childhood and the days of love can never be forgotten. Nothing changes more constantly than the past. WE ARE ALSO TOMORROW'S PAST.EVERY MOMENT WHICH IS PASSING BEFORE OUR EYES IS PASSING FOR EVER AND IT IS SAD THAT WE CAN NOT HOLD THESE MOMENTS. Even God has no power over the past,except to cover it with oblivion. Howsoever much our past may be painful but even to it gives us tickling pleasure.Sweet memories are the golden memories of our childhood and young age always remain as fresh in our minds as if they are the things of recent past. I wish that I could again be a child,everybody would love me like before.
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@mythociate (15962)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
27 Oct 13
This is why Christians (in the Jewish pattern) have "holidays"---to shine a light on the good, foundational things God's people have done (not paying too much attention to 'the bad things that made them do it.') That's a truth that takes discernment to find, and a lot of the guys at my 'old church' need to discern it; because my 'old church' is by-&-large a prison-ministry. We need to teach the prisoners that--though THEY had to go to prison to gain some of the strengths they have now--God would've given them the same strengths even if they HADN'T gone to prison! ... And 'God can' also bring the past to happen again! (I say 'God can,' but it's really "people deciding to repeat past actions of righteousness").
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• Moradabad, India
27 Oct 13
Everything that has gone into the past can not be brought back in the same position But God is omnipotent,omniscient and omnipresent. Thanks.
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