How Can the 'Good' Christian Songs Drown-Out the 'Bad'? #Evil #LazyChristians #GoodWorks #Faith

@mythociate (16182)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 26, 2013 9:02pm CST
I'm starting to find most Christian music 'annoying' ... my annoyance started with "I Can Only Imagine," that song that repeats-&-repeats 'I Can Only Imagine'-God's glory & -God's judgment-hall & -all the other fairy-tale things Christians are said to believe about our post-resurrection destination (because it's WRONG and builds upon the other WRONG things Christians are duped into believing) ... but now it goes into most other Christian songs, that praise God not just for having created all things & having embodied Jesus in order to 'die upon the Cross,' but also for DOING EVERYTHING [I]FOR[/i] US TODAY---because THAT'S a lie too! The TRUTH is that--when He created us--He made us 'capable' of doing everything we say He does (that is, either able to do it or able to get help strong enough to do it for us). What can we do to 'drown out' the "God does everything"-songs with more 'God gives us the strength to GET `ER DONE'-songs? I guess we can START by finding 'the right kinda songs' & linking to their lyrics online (as the link links to "This Little Light of Mine" after the ad there). We might also list the lyrics to the 'BAD' Christian songs (the ones that say 'God does everything for us') & write little 'responses' to yell-out in between the song's phrases to make the song right: Example: "I can only imagine (because I can't do everything & can't imagine anyone else doing it for me) When all I can do (because humans confuse 'doing' things with 'getting paid for' them) Is forever ... Forever worship you (as I do now with my every action)" ... the parenthetical words are just the first (non-hateful) response that comes to mind, but--unless you shorten them before YOU start adding them--you probably have to say them too fast for anyone to understand I guess a 'cure all' would be to yell "OR NOT!" in the rest between each phrase of the 'God does everything for us'-song you hear. I might practice doing that with the 'Gospel'-channel on my cable-service. Can you think of any other ways to eliminate the 'bad' Christian songs & replace them with the 'good'?
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