Could It Be that President Obama JUST DIDN'T KNOW He Was Lying?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 7, 2013 3:14pm CST
People keep telling me that 'Obama lied about health-care insurance at-least 36 times' But I'm not so swift to blame Obama. I reply, "The way I read it, those insurance-'off-kicking'-letters are not FROM 'the government,' but from THE RESPECTIVE INSURANCE AGENCIES. Saying 'Obama is to blame for telling you you can keep it' (when the companies kick you off) is like saying "preacher is to blame for telling you that you can go to Heaven" (when God kicks you out)...." My economist cousin-in-law (who used to be an insurance-adjuster) tells me that the AHA DOES in fact make several coverage-levels illegal, but I still think they could jus` be Gettin` the GrownUps Back for All Those Santa Claus Stories What do you think?
President Barack Obama has publicly promised at least 36 times since 2008 that his health care reform plan, known as Obamacare, would not cause anyone who liked their present health insurance to lose
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