Why Does myLot Still Feature 'Make Money'-Ads?

@mythociate (15735)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 11, 2013 8:17pm CST
I ask, because it seems to be myLot perpetuating a falsehood here (not "telling a lie," but more 'letting the ad-bot think myLot is something it's not!' (True, maybe a bunch of lazy members here ask questions like 'how can I make people give me a buncha money for pushing buttons online' or something; but the discussions we members enjoy are ... ) That is, what ARE the types of discussions you ENJOY adding-to here? I enjoy ... I don't know, I guess I enjoy 'giving people hope that they will find--not 'the answers they are LOOKING for'--'the answers that they NEED.' Like whenever Jesus Christ answered a question, it usually wasn't 'the solution the asker THOUGHT He was going to give' ... I think of the lady at the well, asking Him for water; and Him telling her about the Living Water And do keywords we input hold any sway on the type of ads shown, or are they just for search-purposes?
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