News channel reports obvious lie as truth!

Citrus Heights, California
November 12, 2013 1:51am CST
So this may seem unimportant,or just being nit-picky to some people. To others it is a real issue in News media all over. This wasn't a live report, or Breaking News. This was a report about a satellite that fell out of orbit to the earth. The reporter stated there has been more than 6,600 satellites launched into orbit over time.Of those there are 3,600 still in orbit to this day. Then he asked "How many of those are actually operational?" His answer- 1. You mean to tell me that you looked up how many satellites have been launched over the years, and how many are orbiting the Earth, but decided only 1 is working to this day? So this one satellite is used by everybody like: Google Earth, Satellite phone and TV companies, satellite radios, the NSA, the government, other countries world wide and their corporations, etc etc. Really? I mean Logic or even stupidity would tell anybody that there would be much more than 1 working satellite. Also when they looked up the information on Wikipedia for their report, they must have read the entire sentence to know it's 1000 satellites unless they read half the sentence and stopped after 3,600 orbiting.... I guess he decided it was easier to put up 1 finger when he answered his own question then 1,000 fingers. Yet people would say what does it matter it's about satellites... and those are the same people who say to their kids it's just a white lie. Who has been lied to by someone for the first time that they know of, and hasn't thought about past times they thought they lied but couldn't prove it or weren't for sure? Would you then trust that same person the exact same as before the lie? Those that say yes. are only lying to themselves. The wold is full of manipulators, and liars from lower class to the Elite and everywhere in between. They all started practicing their trades by telling these white lies to their parents,friends, and others that just say it's ok, it's ok to lie. So they keep practicing their trade and just as anybody who practices something over and over they got better and better, till one day they got so good they started making a living from it. As more and more people got better and better at lying, less people believed that telling the truth was a good thing. So when they hear people lying they act as though it ok, and when they hear someone telling the truth they start labeling them with names that make others call them the same. The cycle continues and continues until the last person who believes lying is bad and telling the truth is good dies.Then the world is living a lie called their life! Would you believe what someone says, when they don't even believe it? Just sayin.
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@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12 Nov 13
Did YOU look it up? Well you're right, but are you sure he wasn't just talking about one of them, saying "There's one satellite in orbit that ... does something"? Or "there's ONLY one satellite in orbit that CAN ... do something special"?
The UCS Satellite Database is a listing of operational satellites currently in orbit around the Earth.
• Citrus Heights, California
13 Nov 13
He repeated the sentence found on Wikipedia but in the form of Q&A but answered with 1 instead of 1,000.
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