A Site that Pays Me to Make It My Homepage? #SetForPay #Homepage #PaidToSet

@mythociate (15761)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 12, 2013 9:18pm CST
I'm not looking for 'a full-time income from opening my browser,' but--since I just felt like I need to load 'a site' (rather than "about:blank") to see from across the room if my browser's ready for me while I get my coffee--I figured I might as well make it 'worth the extra milabyte of energy I'm spending.' I searched on Google for phrases like "Pay Homepage" & "Paid to Homepage," but the closest thing I found was kadaza.com. Kadaza.com doesn't 'pay' you to make it your homepage (not that I saw, anyway), but you can do the next best thing: join AdFly, use AdFly to 'shorten' the Kadaza-link you like most, & use that shortened link as your "homepage" (in your browser's 'Tools Options'). Or does another site pay better than $7.47 per thousand views?
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