How Do You Know if Cause-of-Death Is Secondhand Smoke? #Sanitize #Cancer #SecondhandSmoke

@mythociate (15960)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 13, 2013 4:58pm CST
Because smokers have been called 'killers' since they pollute the air of non-smokers. But a friend quoted some gigantic statistic of the number of deaths caused by secondhand smoke--something in the forty-thousand's--on some 'tirade' about how many fewer deaths have been caused by firearms. I imagine that these non-smokers die of some form of cancer typically caused by cigarette smoking, but THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES are the ones who 'kept that cancer alive!' Seems about-like holding beef-farmers accountable for the hole in the ozone-layer (due to cow-farts). Seem about like that to you? or what?
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