Does Kitty-Litter ATTRACT Cats? #FarmersInsurance #Commercial #Cats #KittyLitter

@mythociate (15189)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 13, 2013 9:00pm CST
In a commercial for Farmers Insurance, the spokesman is telling the customer little facts she can use to make life easier. He ends by telling her that kitty-litter (the collection of little flecks of rock cat-owners place in the kitten's potty-area) can help you get your car out when it's stuck in ice. (He says this while demonstrating, pouring a bag of kitty-litter for traction to help a car's wheel roll out of an ice-trap.) As the commercial ends, a "clowder" (group of cats) crowds onto the scene. Is that actually how kitty-litter works---attracting the cat when it's urged to 'make'?
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