Why Do People 'Chirp' after Hiccups?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 18, 2013 8:40pm CST
You know, where--after some one 'hiccups' (involuntarily inhales quickly through some muscle-spasm)--they give out a high "Booo!" I started doing it when I saw Will Sasso on FOX's MAD TV do it as he gave a funny speech impersonating Bill Clinton. I can't think of any other explanation.
Created by Fax Bahr, Adam Small. With Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson, Aries Spears, Bobby Lee. Late night sketch-comedy show based on the humor of MAD magazine. Material includes impersonations, fake commercials, mock movie trailers, and even Spy vs. Spy
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@cupkitties (7502)
• United States
19 Nov 13
What about hicburps? I think I'm the only person who does that.
@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
19 Nov 13
Where you hic a little air in and kinda swallow it and have to let it go? I do that sometimes too
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