teachers should be paid more

Quezon, Philippines
November 25, 2013 3:34am CST
It has been an issue around families for years. I should know. I came from along line of teachers; uncles, aunts, cousins, and my youngest sister .When I was about to graduate from high school, I has a dispute with my uncle because he insisted that I should take up Education. Being the rebel that I was, I refused and stood firm to what I intend to take up then : engineering. To cut a long story short, after thirty years, I found myself teaching. and the irony of it is that, I actually enjoy it. Now, my niece is caught in a debate between her parents. She wanted to take up Education but her parents (her mom is my sister) think it's not a rewarding course in terms of income.I was the only one who stood behind her but we ultimately lost the battle for she ended up with Management and she hates it. Which got me to the issue at hand, why is it that teachers don't usually get what they deserve? It is a noble job, and i wish they will be paid more because teachers are one of the pillars of a society. They are part of building characters among students making them better citizens of a nation.
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@narsha (466)
25 Nov 13
How much can a teacher earn in your country,I mean,generally?
• Haifa, Israel
25 Nov 13
Right! Teachers teach with love and not for money just because they deserved it.
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@narsha (466)
26 Nov 13
@ben13kleingmailcom Yep,you're right but don't get me wrong! People need money to sustain their lives!
• Quezon, Philippines
26 Nov 13
Around 20 thousand pesos monthly.
• Shelley, Idaho
28 Nov 13
I think this is a really interesting topic. In Utah teachers make 36,00 dollars a year but really they make 72,000 a year because they only work half of the year. Another thing to think about when your going to be a teacher is how much it will cost to start out. Im not talking about school I'm talking about all the stuff you have to buy for your classroom. An average 8th grade math teacher spends 1,000 dollars a year on batteries for the calculators not including the fact that some teachers may buy solar powered and the fact of the initial cost of the calculators. Some people like my brother want to be a teacher to get the summer off but, if when you get the summer off you won't have enough money. And i do also agree that teacher aren't paid as much as they should if we did not have teachers the worlds agriculture would collapse.
• Shanghai, China
27 Nov 13
As you said being a teacher is a noble job, so teachers will have a lower pay. Otherwise everyone want to be a teacher and peoples will decrease their expected pay, then teachers get a lower pay than other jobs which may be not as noble as teachers.
@mracale (26)
• China
27 Nov 13
teacher,become to a right teacher,you should deserve it
• Xiamen, China
26 Nov 13
I agree with. Next year, I may be a teacher. I also think a teacher should be paid more.
@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
25 Nov 13
No! Teachers have such low incomes because their money is SMARTER! High income is for the stupid people who can't use money right!
• Moradabad, India
25 Nov 13
Yes,you are perfectly right people are never attracted to the job of a teacher because of low salary. If a father who is a teacher, goes somewhere for the marriage of his daughter,his proposal is generally rejected by the moneyed people because of money. Everybody knows that the virtues which can be developed in their children by the teacher can never be developed by others. Thanks.