Another Experience of the Machines' Gradual Conquest over Biological Life-Forms -

@mythociate (15740)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 27, 2013 5:20pm CST
('Biological Life' MAY be an oxymoron ... at least, I HOPE it is! But--with people paying such obeisance to the computer !!!) See, what happened is: I was at the FAMILY DOLLAR, and I had a coupon. I misrehd the coupon--it said "excludes," and I rehd it 'INcludes'--and the manager wanted to go ahead and give me the dollar-back on a five-dollar purchase. In order to do that, they had to RESTART THE COMPUTER (which took five-or-so minutes). I wasn't in a hurry (like I was with BUY FOR LE$$ that one time---summer heat, having to walk a mile-or-two to get home; but "ya cain't leev mah storr til's we's kin chek ya ouut! ") And so--when the aliens arrive--we'll be unable to run-&-hide because we're still waiting for permission from the computers
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