What's Up with COMMON CORE? (President Obama's new, mind-cloning version of education)

@mythociate (15228)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 27, 2013 7:55pm CST
They say "This newest progressive scheme is spreading throughout the United States and will nationalize education, "spew liberal propaganda and collect data on our kids beginning in Kindergarten." Says who? Not that I really care (although it seems like I should ... the machines ARE constantly threatening taking over, especially if our little ones JOIN THE RANKS of the machines, turning against their own kind ) Should you and everyone you know contribute to Daily Sanity's FIGHT against Common Core?
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@dawnald (84131)
• Shingle Springs, California
28 Nov 13
I would like to see less testing and more teaching, more art and music and vocational things. But I don't necessarily believe all that propaganda about Common Core.
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@mythociate (15228)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
29 Nov 13
I guess they're against the focus on 'the bottom line' (what makes the money move ... being obedient, doing the minimum required for the most pay; with anything extra being just that---EXTRA)