Do We Need a Liberty Amendment? #LastResistance #America #Constitution #LibertyAmendment

@mythociate (15960)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 5, 2013 4:41pm CST
Last Resistance gives us an outline of what America's Founding Fathers MEANT by a 'federal' government--- not a single-capital nation, but a SEVERAL-NATION federation! And to do that, the Tenth Amendment was written---kind of an underlying statement to the whole Constitution (the same way Jesus Christ is an underlying power to the whole of the Bible). The Tenth Amendment says that all governmental powers not enumerated in the Constitution are granted to the several states (whose constitutions--I imagine--say something similar with regard to each state's households). LR doesn't specifically mention the Defense Of Marriage Act--an act which could conceivably 'tear America apart' (I don't know; can states vote against it? vote to repeal it?)--but ...
The Last Resistance Alert View in browser The Liberty Amendment By Archie Jones, PhD No fundamental provision of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is more neglected today -- or more thoroughly violated -- than the Tenth Amendment. One can see its viol
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