Doesn't "Having" Faith Involve Actively "Taking" Faith (as in "Leaps" Thereof)?

@mythociate (15735)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 9, 2013 3:07pm CST
My friend wrote in a recent 'Facebook-status' something like "Whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen; I'm just gonna have faith." That seems to me to be one of the behaviors non-believer's envy believers for ... similar to the 'high white tower'-attitude (Christians up there--untouched by the matters upsetting those of us below--don't even bother to help when all it would take is a nod &/or a gesture with their 'scepter.') Before I get into 'what Brother Kenneth Copeland said about this,' I'll get back to my first thought (about 'taking' rather than just 'having' faith): I think of Jesus, when He 'picked up- & ate the grain left for gleaning on the Sabbath.' I'm sure a lot of teachers would focus on 'His right to do the work on the Sabbath' (as that's what the Pharisees accused him of ... I wonder if Monty Python did a 'working on Sabbath'-bit like they did for 'taking the LORD's name in vain' in The Life of Brian ...), but I want to focus on 'the fact that He TOOK the grain that was left there'---that He didn't just 'see the grain, wrinkle His nose at it, and *POOF* it all magically appeared in His satchel. He had faith that the grain was His (as it were EVERY poverty-stricken passerby's), but THAT didn't "make" it his! He had to have the faith, but only enough to use His 'God-given power' (nothing "supernatural," but the same power God gives almost-EVERY human) to TAKE what was given. In one of his sermons (maybe not the one at the link) Brother Kenneth Copeland mentioned the power of 'the scepter' in the king's courtroom: if you're not of the royal-family, you aren't even HEARD by the king; but if he simply gestures to you with his scepter, then you are allowed to speak & written into the court-records as if you were the king's own son! Brother Kenneth also mentioned the gift of righteousness. That 'there is none righteous; no, not one,' but that God makes us righteous just by SAYING we're righteous! He teaches this with an example drawn from his biker-gang days: when a gang-member had done something wrong-enough to get him kicked out of the club, his accusers would take him to the gang-leader. And the gang-leader COULD kick him out. But the gang-leader ALSO had every right to 'pardon' the member. If the other members started hollering 'Oh! But this guy did all this bad stuff & we don't like `im an` `e gots cooties ... etc,' the gang-leader could shut `em all up with, "Well, he's 'right' by me!" Why? "Because I SAID he is!" I guess I'm saying: Faith is 'your knowledge of the truth of the words you might say,' but that knowledge won't be worth ANYTHING unless you say the words!
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