Will You Help Me Tear Down the "Stronghold" of "Making Money"? #Allowance #Donation #Appreciation

@mythociate (14545)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 10, 2013 5:36pm CST
Yudastira sent me the letter below. I haven't rehd it (tho I probably will right now), but a quick scan makes me guess that the long-&-short of it is, "If you wanna 'make money,' GET A JOB!" I guess that, because THAT'S RIGHT ... it's why they took America OFF the Gold-Standard and why money's value--since at-least 1945 (when Napoleon Hill put out Think & Grow Rich)--has been firmly based upon 'an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.' (Maybe people say it's based on something like 'average gas-prices,' but that's like saying the gravitational pull of an object is based on what color it is ... 'scientifically-proven' if you paint all the large-massed balls one color & the smaller-massed ones another color ) I think I'm looking for a plan to 'tear down the stronghold' that people have built of "money," but first here's the letter from Yudistira: I often get people writing me emails asking questions and I enjoy helping others, but there is one question that is very dangerous for YOU and your business. This is the question: "How can I make money quick and what do you suggest to get the fastest results NOW!" I understand everyone gets into this business to make money, but i'm not a magician and a business isn't the red or blue pill from the matrix ; ) If you want to get rich quick your odds are better off heading to vegas and laying it all on black. There are plenty of methods you can get results fairly quick, but most people want the easy button and don't want to exchange any of their time and money to get results. A business is more than making money, much more! If you're looking at getting into online business as a way to extract money then what you really want is a JOB. You put in 8 hours and you get 8 hours of pay. You trade your time for money, but there's not much reward at the end of the day in that is there? I've done plenty of methods where I make quick money, but I never had any real commitment. I was looking for that magical pill to extract money quick. In the end it always leaves you starting from scratch all over again. When I share these daily tips with you I want much more for you then to make a quick buck. I want you to create a full time income, quit your job, apply yourself more and get rich, live that lifestyle you always dreamed about and most important give you time freedom. But…..I can't teach you how to get rich quick. That (get-rich-quick) is a mindset that will only hurt you in the end. Everyday I sit down at my computer my first thought isn't "how do I sell someone something today" It's "how can I help at least one person with my message" If I can help just one person, help one person get that "ah ha" moment then I've done my job. Hopefully today that's you ; ) Now let me talk to you about what it actually takes to build a real business. - You first start with focus and define your vision of what you want in life. - Next you think of your ideal lifestyle(not the money) - Then you think about how you want to build your business so you enjoy what you do.
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