Is the New Testament Any-Good without the Old Testament? #KennethCopelandMinistries #Bible #OT #NT

@mythociate (15964)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 10, 2013 9:28pm CST
For the last year, I've been reading the Bible (both the Old- and the New Testaments) with the plan that Kenneth Copeland Ministries included in the calendar the let all their Partners (including me ) have a copy of. Well, my copy was damaged; and I sent them a message telling them so ... how the reading-plan was made unreadable. Hearing that (I think), Brother Kenneth's son- (and CEO of KCM) Brother John Copeland sent me a reading-plan, but it only covered-the New Testament, -Psalms & -Proverbs! It's like 'Bible Light' (Less Filling, Tastes Great) ... but--like with the beverages & their 'light' counterparts--the New Testament tastes like it's "missing something" without the bulk of the Old Testament; You agree?
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